with ma crochet faerie <3


Packing my stuff for 4 weeks of hitchhiking, traveling and Boom Festival! So exciting, we’re leaving tomorrow and starting in Rotterdam. Can’t wait to meet my sweet flowersister Cecilia and lots of other lovely people. I’ll try to post some updates and pictures on the road!

ahhhhh can’t wait to enfold you in my arms, faerie goddess!!!!!!! happy safe travels. see you so soon <3 xxxxxxxxxx

did u see that tweet about ur post?



Quadruple Rainbow

Whenever you feel small, remember that you live in a grain of dust orbiting a tiny sparkle in a vast, empty darkness. And how beautiful it is to even acknowledge this fact.

I'm trying to inquire if you're a passionate lover


ehehe i guess you’ll never find out… that’s something to be inquired to my past lovers. not me… blessings ;) xxxxxxx

How do you feel about penis?


i’m cool with penises and vaginas all the same i think they are both beautiful what are you even trying to inquire lol

My religion is nature. That’s what arouses those feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me.

Oliver Sacks

How do you kindly inform someone that you cannot be around them anymore due to feeling completely drained whenever you are around them? I want to be honest (no white lies) but at the same time I feel completely awkward & a little selfish. Thank you so much, C! <333


my love… please. that is not awkward nor selfish… not even for one single moment. you have to release all of that that no longer serves your highest good. that is being kind to yourself. you deserve to be surrounded by sweet beautiful people that push you forward and make you feel like the wonderful being that you are. if you want to be honest, then be honest. i usually just tell them that we are now walking different paths… and it no longer makes sense to keep on nurturing such a relationship. tell them that you love them (if you do) and distance yourself and let it be. if they love you, they will understand. if they don’t, then that’s their own issues. you did what you had to. don’t feel guilty for one second. shine your light xxxxxxxxxx

I don't live close to my cousin and I did mention my concern to my aunt while I stayed over about a week ago, but she didn't seem to mind due to the fact that it's such a small amount, plus she's a doctor so thinks that she would know if it were dangerous. how could I convince her otherwise?


wow… it makes my heart ache that she is a doctor and still she allows her sweet daughter to ingest all of those artificial compounds on a daily basis and doesn’t even mind :( i would gift the little one natural toothpaste from a natural health store. or i would make it myself for her. and i would just tell my aunt how much it worried me that she doesn’t seem to mind about her beautiful young child eating and digesting all of those terrible synthetic materials on a daily basis. and i would ask her to PLEASE consider telling the lil one not to swallow it… i don’t know. i don’t enjoy convincing people of anything. just share your feelings with her. so much luck my love, i truly do hope she opens her heart and mind and listens to you xxxxxxx

a sweet faerie captured me giving praise to the father sun!!!!! we swam naked afterwards so refreshing to be in the waters mmmmm xxxxxx

What do we do when our dreams are better then reality? I don't like waking up from them I feel a sudden sadness because they are so much better then what I'm doing and I actually have relationships


we manifest our dreams into reality!!!!!! create your dreams. you can do it. and what do relationships have to do with it? :p xxxxx

I always feel depressed and like I'm not good enough or useless or struggling to fit in and i don't know what I can do to get motivated or feel better or be more positive do you have any advice please?


read “a new earth” by eckhart tolle. and practice yoga. breathe deeply. i love you, you’re perfect just as you are and i cherish your existence… we’re one xxxxxx