be nice to plants. pet grass. dont step on bugs. feed birds. give water to flowers. don’t hurt bees. tell trees they are cute and confident. tell yourself you are cute and confident. help people. be nice to the earth. 

One reason that people have artist’s block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don’t produce fruit all year long, constantly. They have a point where they go dormant. And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to do the technical tasks that don’t take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again.

Marshall Vandruff

Hello :) I sometimes get really scared about the thought of getting old and wrinkly and not being able to do the things I can do now, its so silly i am only 17 haha what is your opinion on this?


you can do the things you do now when you’re old and wrinkly as long as your mind is set to it… your physical age does not define you. plus you can do all those things right now instead of worrying!!!! i can’t wait to be an old lady eheheh :)

Portugal backwards would be Lagutrop , any chance we will see this far better name adopted by your land?



hi lovely soul ! i hope you feel wonderful <3 i have a question : are you from France? because I saw the seeds you posted were are labeled in french (ok very stalker-like but it made me so happy thinking abeautiful being such as you would be living and breathing not too too far from me) love, peace and light xx


ehehe no i am not those seeds were offered to me by a french cousin… half of my family lives in france so there’s that… but i live in portugal :) blessings


waking up to this…
com o sol e os pássaros. 

What part of Portugal do you live in? I'm sure you have answered this many times sorry X


no need for apologizing… i live in the center, near the boom land :)

do you know a recipe for homemade sunscreen? with at least spf 30? my sensitive skin hates even organic mineral sun screen from the shop...


i only use coconut oil as sunscreen but i do have a quite earthy skin tone by nature and don’t get sunburned easily… red raspberry seed oil or carrot seed oil have the highest spf (ranging from 28-50) so i would research more about those and experiment with it :) xxxxxxx

I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.

William Blake
wild earth mandala. ancient waves of calmness… creating in consciousness &lt;3 x