Hey beautiful. Could you plz share what a typical day of meals looks like for you? I really want to start eating healthy and you shine. Thank you xxx


i can share what i ate today, my love <3 for breakfast i was a lazy creature so i drank plenty of spring water and only had two delicious peaches from the farm. i wasn’t really hungry. i usually have a simple green smoothie (banana+spinach)… or homemade wholewheat bread or toast with mashed avocado and sea salt and black pepper yum yum. or oats with banana + raspberries + raisins + seeds!!!! and always PLENTY of water to rehydrate the body after a long sleepy night ehehe. for lunch, i had beans + cabbage soup and a lil salad of grated carrots, woodfired oven-cooked beets, sliced tomatoes and two boiled local organic eggs. i always have soup and a simple salad or basmati rice + cooked veggies or something. or chickpeas mmmm. i love chickpeas with the wholeness of my heart ehehe!!!! in the afternoon i had a few more peaches. i usually have a fruity smoothie… or just munch on fruit instead ehehe. or hummus yum. or guacamole double-yum!!! and for dinner i grilled on the fire: eggplant, wild mushrooms, red onions and tomatoes and ate them with lentils + rice and my family was eating french fries so i stole a few :p my meals are way too simple (and most of the times the weirdest of combinations ehehe) but this is how it is while i’m still living with my parents. you’re way too sweet my love, you shine just as brightly. thank YOU xxxxxxxxxxxx

How are you doing?


unbelievably anxious for boom and reuniting with sweet friends from past and future lives ehehehe hugging every ray of light and enjoying each sacred moment and share the love with every spirit that i cross paths with!!!!! ALL IS LOVE… I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! thank you so much for caring, you radiant being xxxxxxxxxx

what do you use palo santo for? im going to shambhala, and i love your list!


palo santo grounds and centers me like nothing else. i absolutely love it. it’s energy-cleansing. plus it smells delicious ehehe the scent of an ancient sacred wise tree flowing around you and bringing you to the peace that has always been within you xxxxxx

What do you think of cultural appropriation, like white girls with dreads?


i think we should stop focusing so much of our energy in separating ourselves from one another… whether it’s about our race, our tribe, our religion, our beliefs. there are far more important things to be concerned about than what someone decides to do with their hair… furthermore, i happen to be “white” and i can guarantee you that if i stopped brushing it, my hair would dread all by itself. and dreadlocks have been used by numerous different races. this whole thing shouldn’t even be a thing… this is my personal opinion. respect it. i love you xxxx

We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life.

Carl Jung


please could you explain oil pulling, what it does, how often you do it and how long you do it for? thank you I know I could just look on google but I would like to know your own personal experiences with itt xx


hi love! oil pulling basically consists of swishing coconut oil in your mouth for about twenty minutes… i feel it has strengthened and whitened my teeth and cleansed my mouth of harmful nasty smelly bacteria. it’s very refreshing on a quite subtle level. i don’t do it all that often anymore. only when i feel the calling to do it. but i used to do it every morning or so. i think the first time i did it was perhaps one year ago or less. not quite sure!!! xxxx

As in boomtown fair? I'm going there too! :-)


ehehe no my love… as in boom festival in portugal, a psychedelic tribal gathering of love and oneness!!!!! <3 xxxxx

You were in my dreams last night! My dreams are always so bizarre, but wow, you were there! It was raining and my Mother was driving a car, we stopped because of traffic and there you were doing yoga in the midst of running traffic. Perfectly unharmed, without a worry. I jumped out of my car and hugged you so tightly, and then I had to go back. I don't remember the rest, but it was so odd!


aw wow my faerie… what a sweet sweet dream. i love it. thank you so very much for sharing it with me, bright woman!!! tight warm hugs being sent your way ehehe xxxxxxx

What would you tell a girl who finds the world of yoga and nature relaxing through pictures alone but who knows no yoga or the beliefs that go along with it.


i’d tell her to find solace underneath a tree and breathe deeply and that all secrets of nature would unfold to her if she did so <3 and what isn’t known, should be learned if desired. it’s only up to you, my love. read “light on yoga” by b. k. s. iyengar. it’s such a complete yogic guide. take it step by step, slowly, listen to your body, all the wisdom of the universe is already within your heart… are you willing to listen? blessings xxxxxx

packing for boom:

  • sweet cozy big tent
  • comfy air mattress
  • a so very warm sleeping bag
  • a soft mandala sheet
  • hand lantern // hanging tent lantern
  • backpack (with flowy dresses, long skirts, simple tops, yoga pants, towel, self-care natural products, warm handknitted socks, soft underwear, old leather sandals…)
  • dr. bronner’s liquid soap peppermint // apple cider vinegar
  • nourishing coconut oil and grapeseed oil
  • refreshing peppermint essential oil mmmm
  • citronella essential oil (to repel those lil buggies)
  • palo santo (always)
  • lil gifts for sweet beings
  • rose quartz crystals // herbs // seeds
  • one or two sacred books
  • my tibetan bowl (not sure about this one)
  • fruits from the farm, seeds, nuts, goji berries
  • money // ticket // id card // phone

what am i forgetting, sweet beings?????


Yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis) stilting over some rocks. What an incredible sight. www.facebook.com/indefenseofplants

The Dawn of Perception … BY DOUGLAS VOLZ

sabiduria del delfin rosado … BY RUYSEN FLORES VENANCINO